On the morning of his wedding to his sweet fiancée Effy, James awakens from a dream to see a mysterious and tantalising Sylphide before him. His obsession with her sets off a fateful sequence of events where joy turns to sorrow, love to betrayal and infatuation to tragedy.

La Sylphide is one of the jewels of Romantic ballet. With its “enchanting blend of dance and storytelling” (The Independent), it might just steal your heart. Expect ceilidh-loving Scots, ethereal forest spirits and vengeful witches!

August Bournonville’s classic Romantic ballet is devotedly recreated by Eva Kloborg and Frank Andersen in this captivating production, and is accompanied by an enchanting score, played live by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

The Sylph Jurgita Dronina
James Isaac Hernandez
Effy Anjuli Hudson
Gurn Giorgio Garrett
Madge Jane Haworth

Original Choreography
August Bournonville

Production and Staging
Frank Andersen
Eva Kloborg
Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter

Mikael Melbye

Jørn Melin

Herman Severin Løvenskiold
Performed by
English National Ballet Philharmonic under Gavin Sutherland